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Paleo Update. Carbs and Supplements

The Paleo Plan works for some and not others. One of the reasons is an overload of carbs that sabotage your  efforts.  When choosing the Paleo Plan (by the way it does not work for everyone) you should avoid the following foods:

sweet potatoes
butternut squash and pumpkin
mushrooms (if you have mold issues and leaky gut)
raw onions and garlic (mold and leaky gut)
too much fruit (puts weight on if you over eat fats)
coconut sugar, flakes and milk
nuts except for Macademins

These foods are fine if you are excercising 60 minutes a day.  Otherwise they push most people over the 30 to 35 carb intake needed to make changes.  

If you are trying to heal a leaky gut, I suggest really limiting the high carbs and adding probiotics.  In severe cases of leaky gut and other gut related illnesses, this may not be the food eating plan for you.   Everyone is an individual with their own experiences and exposed to different environments.  To real find out what you need to heal your gut and/or weight issue, especially if Paleo has not worked for you, you could book an appointment with me -- or have your doctor pull a nutritional and hormone panel.  

Thank you all for your patience AND the added book to my initial posting was added by an outside source. I apologize. 
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