A Session is simply either a reading or energy work. 

My goal is and always has been to see you into learning your own balance and health. Personally, I love it when 'you decide to call for a brief half-hour for a check-up every year' because you have healed. 

I do not claim to be a medical professional just a intuitive channel in the mixed style of Edgar Cayce and C.Myss since I was a young child.

Usui Reiki Healing  (sent at the master's level) is given as a hands-on the body healing. It sends tremendous energy washing though the body to ignite your self-healing.  It adds energy by steaming it through the body allowing  your fields to utilize what they need. It is a very gentle, relaxed way to remove blocks and dis-ease.

Divine Healing Hands is a soul healing blessing given to you during a healing session.  It is geared specifically to transforming and working out the karmic blocks to your health, finances and relationships. It empowers your affirmation or chant.  

Pranic Healing or Tibetan Vibration Healing  is used when the chakras and/or aura have blocks or tears that need to be removed. It can be a 'subtraction' kind of healing that is better for very sensitive people. It takes down overwhelming energies that you have built up on your own OR picked up from others.

Need a clarification? For check-ins or a new question, there is a short appointment by phone: 10 -12 minutes for $25.

Sessions:  are set up easily by web, email or call 503-805-7403. 
For phone readings,  please send  digital photo to  francesca 'at' be-joy.com 

Cost: $150
60 minutes

Cost: $120
45 minutes

Cost: $75
30 minutes

45 and 30 minute sessions work well for those on a budget or who need a 6-month or yearly follow-up.

In-Person Energy Healing or chakra/aura balancing sessions are $75 for 45 minutes. 

Payment is due when services are rendered.  

Mail checks or money orders to:
Francesca Fleming 
1316 NW 23rd Ave. 
Portland, OR 97210

All information is not a substitute for a physician's diagnosis, and the use of it is the responsibility of the client.

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