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Body Scanning via a Master Empath and Channeled Readings

Services offered are channeled readings and healing sessions. Distance Healing or in-person healing can be through any one of several modalities such as Prana Healing, Reconnection, Vibration Healing or Usui Reiki at the Master Level or Divine Healing Hands.

Readings are based on your unique body and set of life experiences. I 'scan' the body to the DNA level and up to your Spiritual / Energetic body.  I look at the issues in your tissues and the karma that may be causing the dis-ease.  Always I double check the information via kinesiology (muscle testing).  If you are on medications, I will need to know that before I read so I can filter them out.  Specific training & visualizations may be included in a reading session to better your life.  I also train individuals into their own intuitive or healing talents.  
All information is not a substitute for a physician's diagnosis, and the use of the information is the responsibility of the client.

The information is detailed enough to be used as an adjunct to your practitioner's treatment. For instance, I often see the depletions of certain nutrients and what food/supplements or herbs work best for you, what issues/illness are present, the Karmic dis-eases (if not obscured by medications), what combination or synergies are corrective, and what organs, and tissues or bones that are troubled.  Yes, I 'hear' what can be done that works for your unique body.

Readings are based on lightly tranced channeled information gathered from your Soul, and your physical and etheric fields. They are unique to each person since we are each raised differently and have different emotional and physical experiences. I see the changes in fields and rings of the energies and chakras that make up your body on a quantum level.  With your Soul's guidance, information to take corrective action flows. All work is geared to empower you.  Suggestions are not a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis, but are empowering to you to create health in your world. 

How long should my session be? How do I choose?

If you are a first time client, you will need either an hour or 45 minute reading.  Often readings are not repeated unless you feel you the need for support or a check up on your healing progress, or coaching.  Most folks choose to connect again after 3 months to see if it is time to change the suggested protocols, or on a yearly basis to check on their health.  The follow-up appointments are up to you and rarely go beyond 30 minutes.  If you have just a few questions (2 or 4) about your progress, you can book a 10 minute phone session for a nominal amount. 

Phone or in-person readings are available by appointment. 

Let me know if you would like to see me in-person at my office in Portland, Oregon.   Occasionally I travel to Gig Harbor and Kent WA, Salem OR, or attend Expos across the United States. See my Events page for this year's schedule. 

I am also available for phone appointments nationally and internationally.  

You will need to send a PHOTO and the available times you have.  Please include the city and state or nation so I can adjust for the time zones. MP3 recordings are sent within a week of all sessions.    

Any healing service is scheduled by appointment as well.  Specific training & visualizations may be included in a reading session to better your life.

Again, for phone appointments, nationally or internationally, please attach a photo of yourself to your email request.  For a speedy booking, please include your address and your availability during the week.   

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