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You Are Unique!
Whether you see me in-person in Portland, Oregon or have a reading by phone,  you are looking for a specific and unique reading about your health or spiritual path. Francesca, a Medical Intuitive / Medical Medium similar to Edgar Cayce, A. Williams and C. Myss, uses empathy and channeling for specific guidance about your health and your path.

  • Readings are channeled similar to medical mediums Anthony Williams, Edgar Cayce and C. Myss 
  • Coaching for Spiritual Growth or for help making choices in your life
  • Classes and private training to grow your intuition. Find and hone your particular psychic abilities
  • Healing energy sessions, Reiki, or distance healing
  • Kinesiology or Muscle Testing in-person or long-distance of your body, nutrition, vitamins, etc.
  • Balancing of body health through healing of the energetic blocks, Chakras and Aura using Usui Reiki, Prana Healing, etc.

I work worldwide by phone or locally in-person at my Portland, Oregon office. If you're interested in any of the above activities, please click APPOINTMENT, or call 503-805-7403.

This work offers you a 'map' to your unique physical, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to aid in your healing.

Francesca was born with these gifts. She scans down to your genes and up to the issues that encase your body into dis-ease. Many see my work as a mix of Edgar Cayce and C. Myss.  In addition, energy work during the connection shifts your body to the template your Soul holds as your best health or physical form.

The information is detailed enough to be used as an adjunct to your practitioner's treatment. For instance, I often see the depletions of certain nutrients and what food/supplements or herbs work best for you, what issues/illness are present, the Karmic dis-eases (if not obscured by medications), what combination or synergies are corrective, and what organs, and tissues or bones that are troubled.  Yes, I 'hear' what can be done that works for your unique body.

Readings are based on lightly tranced channeled information gathered from your Soul, and your physical and etheric fields. They are unique to each person since we are each raised differently and have different emotional and physical experiences. I see the changes in fields and rings of the energies and chakras that make up your body on a quantum level.  With your Soul's guidance, information to take corrective action flows. All work is geared to empower you.  Suggestions are not a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis, but are empowering to you to create health in your world. 

All information is not a substitute for a physician's diagnosis, and the use of the information is the responsibility of the client. 
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